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  • How successful ad networks navigate a range of costs, resourcing and risk management factors to make the decision to buy or DIY.
  • An interactive experience to predict the cost of building an in-house platform.
  • The pros and cons to consider when migrating platforms.
  • What data from 66 performance marketers with 1.3 billion monthly clicks shows about making the decision to buy.

For years, we have heard dozens of reasons for and against developing a tracking platform in-house. For ad network managers, owners and CTOs, the decision to either buy a third-party tracking platform or develop one in-house will impact short and long-term business growth. 

Buy vs DIY: Considerations
for Scaling Your Ad Network
"Integrate with something that's already built and manage your resources better (including engineers). Develop your own proprietary tech or IP instead."
– Josh Swerdlow, Head of Europe & Australia, HasOffers by TUNE
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